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New Maugansville Station

Community Rescue Service
New Maugansville Station


In 1981 Maugansville Goodwill Volunteer Fire Department and Community Rescue Service, Inc. (CRS) sat down to develop a way to reduce the response time of an ambulance to the Maugansville area. This led to an agreement between the two organizations to maintain a CRS ambulance at the Maugansville Fire station. Over the years both organizations have become much busier and now space has become a premium.

2012 CRS purchased the land at 13727 Oliver Court in order to one day build a new station for the Maugansville based CRS ambulance. Finally, this year we have began building our new Maugansville Sub Station for Community Rescue Service. We are excited with the construction and wanted to share weekly progress though a series of pictures start to finish. Please join us in watching this project come to fruition.

Weekly updates with photos are also posted on CRS's Facebook page.


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