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New Maugansville Station Construction Underway!

Construction on the new Maugansville Station has begun!

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New Medic 759 Placed in Service

Community Rescue Service Medic 759 has recently been assigned and placed into service a 2022 International MV / Horton Emergency Vehicles with a Cummins Inc L9 motor from our dealer FESCO Emergency Sales. This ambulance has the latest in safety and technology features, including a UV light to aid in disinfecting the ambulance after each call. Medic 759 serves the Maugansville community just north of Hagerstown and is stationed at the Maugansville Goodwill Vol. Fire Co.13. Medic 759 will be...

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Cardiac Arrest Save!

Recently, Community Rescue Service Medic 751 (Paramedic Hook and EMT K. Meunier) and Duty 75 ( Captain Bingaman), along with Hagerstown Fire Department Engine 1, were dispatched to a cardiac arrest and arrived within 3 minutes.   Bystander CPR was being performed upon their arrival in the middle of a busy street. Crews were able to get a pulse back after CPR and advanced cardiac life support procedures were performed. A 12 lead EKG was then done, determining that the patient was having a...

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Full Time and Part Time ALS Positions Available!

CRS is looking for full and part time Paramedics. Here are some reasons why you should consider joining our team serving the City of Hagerstown and Washington County, Maryland:

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