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The New Station 759 Opens for Business!

On Wednesday, May 29th, the new Station 759 opened for business, responding to it's first call just hours later. It's located on Oliver Drive, just off Maugans Ave and houses Medic 759.   

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Chief Sprecher Steps Down

James (Jimmy) Sprecher, III joined Community Rescue Service (CRS) as a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician in 2001. After just a couple of years as a volunteer member, Jimmy became an officer in 2003, raising to the rank of Deputy Chief in 2005 and then becoming the Chief of Operations in 2011.

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New Maugansville Station Coming Closer to Completion

Finishing touches are in progress, and move in day is within sight!

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CRS Acquires Stryker XPedition Powered Stair Chair

CRS recently placed in service a new Stryker Xpedtion powered stair chair, which was made possible by a grant from

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February 2024 Call Stats

In February 2024,CRS responded to 1,645 calls February 2023: 1,486February 2022: 1,504

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CRS Members Take Part in a Pet Emergency Care Class

Recently, CRS members participated in a Pet CPR and Emergency Care class taught by Mary Follin, a Registered Veterinary Technician from the Veterinary Emergency Group in Falls Church, Virginia. Members learned about topics including CPR and cardiac arrest procedures, trauma management, airway management, IV fluid administration, and more. This class took place at CRS's Eastern Boulevard Station Training Center. (Thanks to Lt. Follin for the photos!)

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Maugansville Station Construction Update

The polishing of the concrete floors is underway. The ceiling installation is nearly complete, and the final coats of paint are being applied. The paving of the parking lot, exterior landscaping and inside/outside fixture installation will begin shortly. (Thanks to AC Spies for the photos!)

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2023 Call Stats

In 2023, CRS responded to 20,864 calls, an increase from 20,238 in 2022. December was the busiest month, with 1,899 calls, and February was the slowest, with 1,489 calls. This was accomplished with 5 Paramedic Ambulances 24/7, 1 Paramedic Ambulance 14/7, and 1 Paramedic Duty Officer.(Statistics by Operations Administrative Assistant Kelvey, and photo by Paramedic Demmons)

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New Maugansville Station Construction Underway!

Construction on the new Maugansville Station has begun!

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