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Chief Sprecher Steps Down

James (Jimmy) Sprecher, III joined Community Rescue Service (CRS) as a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician in 2001. After just a couple of years as a volunteer member, Jimmy became an officer in 2003, raising to the rank of Deputy Chief in 2005 and then becoming the Chief of Operations in 2011.

During Jimmy’s tenure as Chief, the organization has undergone significant transformation. In the beginning, CRS concentrated on both providing Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Heavy Rescue with Rescue Squad 75. With increasing demands to providing EMS, the organization discontinued its heavy rescue service, selling the rescue squad in 2019. This allowed CRS to focus on providing EMS care to the community and adapt to a call volume of 11,500 incidents annually to the nearly 21,000 EMS unit responses we handle today. As the needs of the community continued to change, so did CRS under Chief Sprecher. CRS has grown from a single station on Eastern Blvd and one ambulance in Maugansville, to adding the Summit Avenue station (units 754 and 755) and an additional unit in the North End (753). Today, the new Maugansville ambulance station, located on Oliver Drive, nears completion and will become the new home for 759, which has been located at the Maugansville Goodwill Fire Company since 1982. This has been yet another accomplishment achieved under Chief Sprecher.

During his tenure at CRS as a volunteer, Chief Sprecher has also been an operator for the Hagerstown Fire Department (HFD) since 2001. After 23 years of service, Jimmy has now accepted the position of Lieutenant with HFD. With the demands of his new position, part-time job as an instructor for the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute, and busy personal life as a husband and father of two wonderful children, Jimmy has decided to step down as Chief. At the membership's request, Jimmy has accepted the position of Deputy Chief for the remaining part of this term and continues to serve as a dedicated volunteer member.

It is with these and many more accomplishments we the volunteer and career staff of CRS want to say “Thank You” for the 23 plus years of volunteer service and the leadership you have provided as a chief officer to our organization and the community for which we serve. We wish you success in your new position.